Our Work

RAIA is a research resource that provides data and information to the global movement for justice in Palestine. We seek to be accountable to the movement and tailor our investigations to its needs. We endeavor to work closely with our partners in Palestine, Israel, and across the United States to design and produce timely and reliable research.

To learn more about what we do and to contribute data to this effort, see our interactive database Palestine is Here. With this database, we show that the technologies, weapons, and expertise developed and honed in Palestine are inextricably linked to the United States politically, financially and militarily. As Edward Said observed, Palestine is a domestic issue in the United States. We seek to provide research that can strengthen the movement for accountability and justice in Palestine and in the US — because they are one struggle. 

Palestine is Here enables users to search for Israeli military ties to their local government and police departments, as well as corporations and academic institutions. Read a sample of the research behind Palestine is Here in the presentation below. 

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