RAIA Workshops

RAIA conducts research workshops with groups in the movement for justice in Palestine in the United States. Contact us to obtain data or design a research plan to meet your needs.


We support your group's efforts to identify who is facilitating and funding your local police department, government agency or university exchanges with Israel.

Our public database Palestine is Here is available for preliminary research on identifying participation. From there, we will make sure you have all the up-to-date information available to identify the initial details of the joint training.


Our workshops support groups in power mapping your local area's ties to Israel. Power mapping is a visual tool - a document meant to be drawn - that can help you design a winning strategy for your campaign to end local  exchanges with Israel.

To win a campaign that targets local exchanges with Israel, you need to first identify who has the power to end the exchanges. Power mapping is a tool to not only identify who holds the power to end exchanges, but, crucially, who holds influence over those in power, and therefore, who to target with your direct actions and campaign activities. RAIA can help you construct a power map of these relationships and power structures so that you can design a winning strategy for your campaign. 


We work with your local organizations and communities to build strategic and effective campaigns to end these exchanges.

RAIA can provide your campaign with continued support, delivering data and lectures to your group  and community throughout the duration of your campaign, from identifying the exchanges, evaluating your data and providing research and analysis, to advice on power-mapping, setting goals, and assisting in mobilization throughout the network of justice for Palestine.